I take on a number of personal commissions each year.

For portraits of adults I work from life with a series of sittings at the studio. I may also take reference photographs to finish the work.

With pets and children I also work from photographs due to the practical difficulties of keeping still.

My commissions are supplied with beautiful handmade frames to complement the painting or drawing.

You can see some of my past commissions below.

This portrait of Rfn Suraj Gubaju, Royal Ghurka Rifles was completed with kind permission of the Infantry Battle School, Dering Lines, Brecon and with the help of Sergeant Major Rajesh Pun and my wonderful student Durga Prasad Rana. Suraj was an exceptionally good model. His medal is the Operational Service Medal of Op Toral 6.

Painting Ghurka Soldier
Painting Ghurka Soldier

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